Meet the Maker – Redesigned

Meet: Redesigned

Redesigned up cycles and transforms antique silverware, sheets/duvet covers and barn wood into unique one of a kind items. Joanna creates necklace holders and organizers from barn wood, Deanna weaves tea towels and rag rugs using new and up cycled fibres and Katherine transforms antique silverware into modern rings, bracelets and pendants. Find all of their creations at the Spring market and find more about their process below.

Tell us about yourself?

Katherine White is a Calgary based jewellery maker and musician who grew up in Maple Ridge, BC. She loves to ‘up cycle’ and transform antique silverware into unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. A lifetime lover of the arts, Katherine is a classically trained pianist and she taught piano for 15 years in BC and Alberta. She resides in Calgary with her husband and two boys. Deanna White, weaver, has been weaving for the past 15 years. Her award winning work has been featured and sold at the Heritage Weavers and Spinners Guild in Calgary. She weaves rugs and tea towels using recycled cotton, recycled wool and new materials. She resides in Calgary and enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren. Joanna White is the newest edition to the ReDesigned creative team. In her spare time, she up cycles barn wood frames into beautiful jewellery hangers along with other reclaimed wood items. After a successful career in social work in Vancouver, BC, Joanna decided to start a family. She resides in Chestermere with her husband, daughter and three sons. Our work can be purchased at numerous festivals and artisan markets along with retail locations in southern Alberta.

What do you make and create?

We up cycle and transform antique silverware, sheets/duvet covers and barn wood/reclaimed wood into unique, one of a kind items. Joanna creates necklace holders and jewellery organizers with authentic barn wood and reclaimed wood. Our mother Deanna hand weaves beautiful tea towels & rag rugs using new and up cycled fibres. Her tea towels feature antique patterns and her rag rugs involve ‘old style’ techniques of hand twinning & weaving ‘toothbrush’ rugs. Katherine handcrafts vintage, antique and collectible silverware into modern and stylish rings, bracelets and pendants. Whenever possible the ‘history’ of the spoon is outlined. Our products are one of a kind, eco-friendly and quality made.

What makes them uniquely handmade?

Each one of our items are handcrafted using mostly up cycled materials. We source the majority of our materials locally at thrift stores, antique malls, hardware stores, etc. The process of making our craft makes them uniquely handmade. Here’s more information about our craft/art. Katherine started experimenting with jewellery making in 2012 on her maternity leave. This led to creating silverware jewellery. The creation process involves a number of steps: source the silverware, clean, plan the design, design execution (measure cutting lines, pre punch holes for drilling, heat piece with a torch, hammer, bend, texturize, flatten, drill, cut, sand rough edges, clean & polish). Finish – add jewellery links, clasps, chain etc. On average, a piece can take from 30 – 60 minutes to finish. Deanna learnt how to crochet when she was only five. During her lifetime she has knit, crocheted, made bobbin lace and hooked rugs. Her craft always involved her love of fibres. She discovered weaving when she moved to Vancouver Island in 1997. She joined the guild there and immediately was immersed in the weaving community. She continues to weave and experiment with new ideas. Her creation process involves: inspiration, deciding on pattern, building the warp, execution of weaving, finishing, cleaning, washing, dyeing the threads, One tea towel takes three hours on average to complete. Joanna’s love for woodworking started in high school. She loved working & creating with wood. Years later, she was reunited to this interest when she began designing jewellery holders to compliment her sister’s items. Thus, the ReDesigned team was formed. The creation process involves: inspiration, selection of wood, cleaning, drying, designing and execution of design, (cut wood, assemble frame, drill appropriate holes, install hangers/knobs). Lastly she finishes the wood with protective varnish. On average it takes approximately one hour to make a reclaimed wood jewellery hanger.

When did you first get started in the handmade world?

I (Katherine) personally started experimenting on my maternity leave back in 2012. Joanna started working with wood in high school and rediscovered this love later in life. Deanna has been knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc. all of her life and recently has dedicated the last 15 years to weaving.

What made you or how did you get started in the handmade world?

We’ve always been ‘makers.’ The opportunity arose for us to sell at local markets. From our success we kept experimenting with new ideas & we explored new opportunities.

What or who inspires you or your business (creations)?

Our love to create inspires us.

What are your hope and dreams for the future of your business?

We hope to continue to grow and explore new mediums. We love markets, the loyal customers and the community of makers and event organizers. It’s just fun!

Do you have a “motto” or “mantra” that helps you get through days when things aren’t going quite right?


What is one fun fact about you or your business?

We are related! Mother and two daughters.

Where can we find your handmade products? Online or In-Store (Etsy) & ReWorks Upcycle Shop in the Calgary Farmer’s Market (mostly up cycled jewellery)

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