Meet the Maker – Bella Love Designs

Meet: Bella Love Designs

Colleen hand stitches embroidered products for the home. Many of her embroidered pieces include quotes which are both positive and motivational. She describes her pieces as “boho shabby chic”. Take a look inside Colleens beautiful embroidering world below.

Tell us about yourself?

IMG_5012Hi! I’m Colleen Conrad. I’m a 37 year old Horticulturalist and Certified Unit Clerk. I married my best friend, Cory, last June (yay!), and we have two lovely fur babies. We live
in Airdrie, and love it here. I’ve always loved working with my hands, and designing. From flowerbeds, to our home, to my stitching, I’m a huge fan of caring for your surroundings, and making things beautiful.

What do you make and create?

I stitch! I create hand-embroidered items for the home. Much of my embroidery consists of quotes, which are positive and motivating! It’s so important to surround yourself with positive affirmations, and I hope to ‘share the love’ to my customers with my designs. You could call my pieces ‘boho shabby chic’.

I also create ‘all things cute’, from button designs for the nursery to pastel embroidered key chains.

What makes them uniquely handmade?

Every embroidered piece I create is hand stitched with great attention to detail. I spend hours designing, picking fabrics, choosing embroidery hoops, stenciling quotes and stitching. There’s something so lovely about stitching, and I hope my love for my pieces shows in my work.


When did you first get started in the handmade world?

I’ve been creating things since I was a kid. Whether it’s gardening, or crochet, or sewing, or cross stitch, or embroidery. I’ve always worked with my hands, and really enjoy it.

What made you or how did you get started in the handmade world?

I come from a family of ‘makers’. My grandmother was a tailor and seamstress who also stitched amazing pieces, and my mother is a cross stitch artist. I grew up ‘making’

What or who inspires you or your business (creations)?

Honestly? Love inspires me. Compassion inspires me. Beauty inspires me. Gurus like Gabby Bernstein, Kris Carr, Don Miguel Ruiz and the 14th Dalai Lama, are all huge inspirations to me.

I’m also SO inspired by other female Makers! Seeing other local entrepreneurs living like ‘Boss Babes’ is hugely inspirational. You ladies rock!


What are your hope and dreams for the future of your business?

My dream for Bella Love Designs is that it brings joy to everyone that comes across it. I want to feel joy by stitching positive affirmations, and I want that joy to spread to the lovelies that buy my pieces. If I can make one persons day a little better, then my mission is complete. Share the love!

Do you have a “motto” or “mantra” that helps you get through days when things aren’t going quite right?

Yup. “Let that shit go”. Honestly. Let it go! Move on. Stay present, and be thankful.

What is one fun fact about you or your business?

My home studio is my living room! It’s a well-organized production machine, with DMC threads, hoops, fabrics etc all tucked away in their various pink and teal bins. (My husband is a very patient man. Lol.).

Also, my fur babies are a beautiful Pitbull named Jax, and a mischievous Yorkie mix named Jack. Yes, they have similar names. My husband and I named them before we met… serendipity!


Where can we find your handmade products? Online or In-Store

Online! You can find me on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram all at ‘Bella Love Designs’. You’ll also find me at Makers of Alberta in May!

Social media links.

Also email me @


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