Meet the Maker – Tailgate Juliet

Meet the Maker – Tailgate Juliet

Victoria creates handmade and up cycled jewelry and you will be able to find her items at the upcoming spring market on May 6. To learn a bit more about her read below…

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Victoria! I love having an eclectic “mix & match” style, both in fashion and at home. I’m the kind of gal who will wear a plain tee and jeans with a giant crystal statement necklace. I also collect vintage glassware, am an avid reader, love lipstick but never wear it, and my favourite place (that I’ve traveled to) is New Orleans.

What do you make and create?

I create necklaces and other baubles, most with a minimalist feel to them, so you can mix and match to whatever mood you are in, on any given day. Since I don’t work within a specific aesthetic, I work with a variety of materials and styles.

What makes them uniquely handmade?

I often use reclaimed and upcycled contemporary or vintage fine jewelry components! I love taking individual bits – like a crystal or stone – from an old or outdated pieces and giving them new life.

When did you first get started in the handmade world?

I started in 2014 to satisfy my desire to create and make things; before that, I was always dabbling in the world of creativity.

What made you or how did you get started in the handmade world?

In 2014, I actually began making perfumes! One of my favourite creations featured violets, musk & a note of leather. My supplies were stolen in 2015 and I couldn’t replace most of what was lost, so I changed my focus and plunged into the world of jewelry.

What or who inspires you or your business (creations)?

I love creating pieces where someone says, “I’ve always wanted something like that, but could never find it!”

What are your hope and dreams for the future of your business?

My true plan is to just keep growing as a maker, and creating things that people enjoy!

Do you have a “motto” or “mantra” that helps you get through days when things aren’t going quite right?

“Life is tough, but darling, so are you.”

What is one fun fact about you or your business?

I’m a total geek, and would love to do some superhero/Jane Austen/literary inspired pieces that carry the essence of the characters without being a literal representation of them.

Where can we find your handmade products? Online or In-Store


Social media links.

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