“Meet the Makers” Mad Fish Glass Beads

Meet the Makers -Mad Fish Glass Beads

Shauna is a Lampwork Artisan. She makes all of her own glass beads and turns them into jewelry pieces. She also uses upcycled materials such as tin and silver in her jewelry. Each one of her glass pieces are one of a kind art beads. Read below to find out more about how Shauna started making and creating. You will also be able to find her at the Makers of Alberta Spring Market on May 6 at the Apple Creek Golf Course in Airdrie.

Tell us about yourself?
I am a Mom of two, a glass artisan and office manager. I’m from Lethbridge.

What do you make and create?
I hand make my own glass beads, what I do is called Lampwork. I then use the glass beads to make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

What makes them uniquely handmade?
All my jewelry is unique as I use my own handmade glass beads and I also incorporate up-cycled metal and vintage jewelry.

When did you first get started in the handmade world?
It’s been 12 years now that I have been making beads. We were on a family vacation in Nelson BC and I saw a bead maker in a store there. I was so amazed I watched for hours and then said I have to do this. I bought a book and a blow torch and started practicing, and taught myself how to Lampwork!

What made you or how did you get started in the handmade world?
So after I started making beads I wore them, and people kept asking me where I got my jewelry from, so I decided to start selling. Of course over the years it has grown and improved.

What or who inspires you or your business (creations)?
Everything around me inspires me as I have always been into fashion and art.

What are your hope and dreams for the future of your business?
I would love to be able to just work as a Lampwork artisan.

Do you have a “motto” or “mantra” that helps you get through days when things aren’t going quite right?

What is one fun fact about you or your business?
I will try anything once!

Where can we find your handmade products? Online or In-Store
I have many online places you can find me, Facebook and Instagram are the best as they are the most current. I do sell on ETSY as well.

Share your social media links.
Facebook | Instagram | Etsy


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